Add Drama to Christmas Online- Nativity Bundle


A collection of three classic Christmas sketches on film from Riding Lights Theatre Company  – perfect for carol services and Christmas events whether they are online or on-site!

These sketches provide great visual content, adding fresh insight and fun to retelling the story of the birth of Christ.

£25 for access to Heaven and Nature Sing, Shepherds Get The Message, and Stabletalk.  These three sketches, dispersed through a carol service, make a compelling way to lead your community through the nativity story.

Purchase price includes a licence to include in online and on-site services between 1 December and 31 January 2021.

Available to access from 1 December 2020 – Pre-order Available Now!


We recommend using the sketches in the following order across a Carol Service or Christmas event.


Outside the constraints of time and anxious to prepare carefully for the great event of the birth of Christ, two angels check through the finer details to make sure that all is as it should be.  It soon appears that they have different approaches. Do traditional Christmas carols provide the guidelines?  And, apart from being born, what has God’s Son really come to do anyway?  What will he offer the world when he grows up?

Great fun and yet gets to the heart of the meaning of Christmas.

Running Time: 7 min 30


Two shepherds, brother and sister Gibbo and Daw, are gob-smacked, delighted but a bit puzzled to be visited by an usual glowing person on the hills above Bethlehem.  They receive a special invitation.  It’s all, in their words, ‘very affecting’ and besides, they’ve never had a special invitation to anything before…

A gently amusing take on the brilliant story in Luke’s gospel, where it is those on the edge of society who are the first to be told that the birth of Christ is joy for everyone.

Running Time: 4 min 30


Shortly after the birth of Jesus, Joseph is left holding the baby.  It’s an opportunity for a quiet word about how they all came to be here. Even though Joseph is a stand-in father, his family line is of great importance.

Running Time: 3 min 30


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