Fizzy Finn Finds His Feet

FIZZY FINN FINDS HIS FEET – a play for all children, especially those who found lockdown made them feel stressed and anxious.

Finn is a fidget. His brain ablaze with an unbreakable buzz that fizzes to his fingers and tickles his toes…or it would do if he could only find his feet.  ‘The problem is that I can feel it. Electricity ripples like thunder in my chest and lightning in my brain. I can’t escape. It’s after me and if you don’t get out the way it’ll zap you too!’

Aware that many young children have found the recent lockdowns and absences from friends and family very stressful, causing anxieties which they find hard to articulate, we have commissioned a new play from Jon Boustead, who adapted The Selfish Giant, to address some of these problems in a gentle, fun way.   Through the character of Finn and his discovery of a curious cobbler and her amazing shoe shop, we jump into this tale of bravery, fear and finding your feet in the world. 

Exploring the big things troubling young minds today, join Finn this Christmas, as he embarks on an unforgettable adventure, with its magical blend of playful storytelling, original music and creative puppetry. Fasten your laces! Tie them up nice and tight, because something tells me you’re in for a treat! 

Fizzy Finn Finds His Feet will be available to stream in November and December (or for live performance if you’re within range of a day return journey from York). It comes with additional classroom materials, giving teachers resources to help children engage more deeply with the issues raised through this delightful, interactive show. 

To express interest, please contact Chloe Oldroyd on 01904 655317 or email