Fizzy Finn Finds His Feet

FIZZY FINN FINDS HIS FEET by Jon Boustead- a play for all children, especially those who found lockdown made them feel stressed and anxious

Director – Erin Burbridge

Designer – Anna Gooch

Touring to schools and local communities, streaming online as well as live at Friargate Theatre – there must be a way for you to see this fabulous show.

With its magical blend of vivid story-telling, original music and creative puppetry, you’re in for a treat!  

Finn is a fidget. His brain is ablaze with an unbreakable buzz that fizzes to his fingers and tickles his toes…or it would do if he could only find his feet.  ‘Electricity ripples like thunder in my chest and lightning in my brain. I can’t escape!’

Christmas brings surprises and not all of them are nice. It’s a crackling mix of hopes and fears and they’re definitely getting closer.  So Finn is on the run. Can stories help to untangle things? If only someone would listen to Suzy Pettiskew before she bursts. Or stop Barney Box’s dog from growing bigger night by night.  And can anyone really ‘blotzch the Glim’?

Shoes are very good story tellers. You experience a lot by stepping into someone else’s shoes’.  

Fasten your laces! Tie them up tight and join Finn as he discovers Tink the cobbler and her amazing story-telling Shoe Shop. Jump into this crackling Christmas adventure of bravery, fear and finding your feet in a stormy world, exploring the big things troubling young minds today.


Streaming Online for primary schools, communities, individual bookings