Gospel Street

retelling the good news
for the 21st century

People are out on the street.

Another generation is looking for answers – a rich young executive, an angry gang leader, religious fanatics streaming live, baristas, professors, YouTubers, activists, a surprising refugee and the pizza delivery bloke who bought some seriously expensive jewellery.

Despite their differences and social divisions, everyone wants to meet one extraordinary person: Jesus has arrived on their street. There’s always trouble on the street and he’s looking to do something about it…

GOSPEL STREET is a powerful mix of theatre, comedy and spoken word – a breath-taking ride through all the important issues of life, death… and miraculous street food. Good news with wisdom, laughter, energy and insight.

‘the gospel has never been told with so much passion and energy.’
(audience member – 2017 tour)

Reach out to your own community by hosting this exciting piece of theatre. After the extraordinary success and wonderfully enthusiastic response to this show last year, Riding Lights is giving you the chance to book GOSPEL STREET for this autumn.

Vibrant, truthful and challenging, the show tells the gospel stories now, as if they had just happened on our streets. Audiences of all ages, young and old love GOSPEL STREET – the energy and joy is youthful, the insights sharp and mature.

The show was created to speak into our time with a distinctive contemporary voice, bringing everyone together, young and old, with faith or none, to be inspired again by the compelling teaching and presence of Jesus Christ.

Touring again for 2018

Performances available:  22 September – 1 December 2018

Book the show: Call 01904 655317, email bernadette@rltc.org or download our information pack.