My Place


Could you help bring change to the lives of vulnerable children? That was the question set before us and now we have a powerful and moving evening of theatre and conversation to offer you.

Home for Good is partnering with Riding Lights Theatre Company to launch an 8 week nationwide tour from May 2022. We are looking for venues right across the UK.

Each evening will combine a performance of the new short play My Place – a wonderfully engaging piece of dramatic story-telling – with an opportunity to hear about Home for Good and how each of us can play our part in transforming the lives of vulnerable children and young people.

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Both entertaining and thought-provoking, My Place follows the stories of four children in care. An individual child, a pair of siblings and an unaccompanied child refugee. They have different backgrounds and journeys, brought to life through a range of colourful story-telling techniques, including song and spoken word. Each story highlights the need for all vulnerable children to have a safe, stable and loving home where they can thrive.



Home for Good is a charity that exists to find a home for every child who needs one. We hope to inspire and equip individuals and families to open their homes and hearts to children and teenagers through fostering, adoption and supported lodgings. We also resource churches to be a welcoming and supportive community for all families who care for vulnerable children and advocate on their behalf at all levels of government. Home for Good is thrilled to have this opportunity to join with Riding Lights in presenting My Place.


Watching a play unfold engages the imagination in a vivid way and is more immediate than video. It allows you to place yourself in another person’s shoes, to think about issues from a new perspective, perhaps even to think about things you have never considered before. Riding Lights has over 40 years of professional experience doing just this in theatres, schools, prisons, cathedrals, churches and community centres across the UK.


Everyone! Any individual who cares about children, has a passion for justice and compassion for our society’s most vulnerable would be inspired by this event. We hope that many people will gain a better understanding of the experience of young refugees and children in care. The play is suitable for teenagers and adults but not recommended for younger children.

For further details, please contact or call Ruth on 01904 655317

Fizzy Finn Finds His Feet

FIZZY FINN FINDS HIS FEET by Jon Boustead- a play for all children, especially those who found lockdown made them feel stressed and anxious

Director – Erin Burbridge

Designer – Anna Gooch

Touring to schools and local communities, streaming online as well as live at Friargate Theatre – there must be a way for you to see this fabulous show.

With its magical blend of vivid story-telling, original music and creative puppetry, you’re in for a treat!  

Finn is a fidget. His brain is ablaze with an unbreakable buzz that fizzes to his fingers and tickles his toes…or it would do if he could only find his feet.  ‘Electricity ripples like thunder in my chest and lightning in my brain. I can’t escape!’

Christmas brings surprises and not all of them are nice. It’s a crackling mix of hopes and fears and they’re definitely getting closer.  So Finn is on the run. Can stories help to untangle things? If only someone would listen to Suzy Pettiskew before she bursts. Or stop Barney Box’s dog from growing bigger night by night.  And can anyone really ‘blotzch the Glim’?

Shoes are very good story tellers. You experience a lot by stepping into someone else’s shoes’.  

Fasten your laces! Tie them up tight and join Finn as he discovers Tink the cobbler and her amazing story-telling Shoe Shop. Jump into this crackling Christmas adventure of bravery, fear and finding your feet in a stormy world, exploring the big things troubling young minds today.


Streaming Online for primary schools, communities, individual bookings 

Watch The Selfish Giant at Home

Rent The Selfish Giant for a week for just £7!

The Giant is angry. He’s been away for a long time and returns to find children – children! – playing in his beautiful garden!

Every day after school, they come and run about, laughing and playing games under the blossom on his peach trees, listening to the delightful songs of the birds. So, he puts up a big wall and an even bigger KEEP OUT notice to put a stop to all that. Then winter seizes the garden in its icy fingers…  

Will its grip ever be broken?

Nearly The Goat

Riding Lights Theatre Company presents


 by Nigel Forde

directed by Erin Burbridge & designed by Anna Gooch


When was the last time a Goat was on hoof to save the day?
Somewhere between the tinsel and the cabbage leaves, the crackers and the parsnip
peelings, comes the remarkable story of Nearly the Goat…

… bending his amazing acting talents to impersonate a host of harassed innkeepers and help Georgie tell a spell-binding Christmas story. To say nothing of the wolf!

The children were absolutely mesmerised.” – primary school teacher

How will Nearly in his DIY flying machine get to Bethlehem before the wolf does? And how can the kings return to Persia without their camel? This night of all nights is heading for a flock of disasters. Well, nearly. And if it wasn’t for one relentlessly cheerful, extremely interrupting Goat butting in…

With an extraordinary range of puppetry skills, Riding Lights brings you the Christmas story in unforgettable style. Hilarious and magical, Nigel Forde’s delightful play has drawn acclaim from both young and old.

“We always know Christmas is on its way as soon as Riding Lights have been.” – primary school teacher

Touring: 22nd November – 22nd December

More info: 01904 655317 or email

’An action-packed Christmas play for the whole family… and other animals.’