Host a show

The AlchemistAs part of our desire to get theatre everywhere, we are always look for new venues in which to perform… Whether it’s a city centre school or a rural arts centre, we’d love to bring an amazing piece of theatre to your local area. In fact, we’ve toured shows to places as diverse as aircraft carriers and arts festivals, from as far north as Inverness, and as far south as Penzance.

Current shows we’re booking for include…

It’s easier than you think…

  • Our shows are designed to appeal to a broad audience, though some are more specific than others. For example our yearly Christmas shows are always family friendly, and regularly visit Primary Schools. Easter passion plays, on the other hand, are much more likely to tour to churches and cathedrals. Therefore we’re always happy to talk to organisers about the show they’re interested in booking as it’s essential you know what the show is about and who it’s likely to appeal to.
  • All our shows are flexible – with over 30 years experience of creating local touring theatre, we’re very good at ensuring our productions can fit into as many venues as possible. The size of a venue can be anywhere from a village hall to a cathedral and  things like staging or lighting are by no means essential.

A few general requirements…

  • A venue – anywhere with a flat, clear space, usually 5 metres x 5 metres and with over 4 metres height clearance (though these dimensions may vary for some shows). Often access to plug sockets is needed too.
  • An audience – No performance is complete without one, and we’ll provide as much help as we can to enable you to promote the show in your community. We’s suggest a venue needs to seat a minimum of 120 people. Moveable chairs are often ideal – though this depends on the layout of the venue.
  • An organiser – ideally along with a couple of helpers – who can co-ordinate ticket sales, help promote the show, meet the cast on the day etc. With plenty of support from us, our local organisers are the key ingredient in putting on a successful performance.


  • Different projects are funded differently and therefore come with different costs to both organisers and Riding Lights.
  • Some are ‘free at the point of need’ ensuring there are as few barriers as possible to touring that company to schools, prisons, local churches etc.
  • For some productions (such as national tours) there is an initial cost for organisers, but this can then be made back through a percentage split of the ticket sales.
  • We’re always happy to talk through costs with our organisers and will do our best to make a show possible.

 So, how about it? could you bring an inspirational piece of theatre to your local community?

If you can, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call at Friargate on 01904 655317 or email our tour administrator.