Part of The Kaleidoscope Tour

In a crowded house a man walks a new walk…  young lovers set a teeth-chattering example of faith… while a gangster starts up in the forgiveness business, a fool dreams of escape on a rocket to Mars…  and there’s a jaw-dropping moment for prisoners when singing unlocks the doors.


Among the manicured, self-managed images of the YouTube influencers and evaporating virtual dreams, this show celebrates substance and truth and joy.


Can the rich kaleidoscope of the good news of Jesus reveal new patterns which are life-changing in the 21st century? Is there an influencer we can trust to tell us the truth? Delight in us for who we are and help us build a community which values everyone?


A vibrant, sparkling show, packed full of entertaining stories and comedy that connect with hopes and fears today.

The show lasts 90 minutes (approx) plus an interval and is suitable for 11 years and up.

Audiences from the first show said:

It sparkles; it’s brilliant.

The creativity and energy were just fantastic!

I really want you to bring this into our school, we have a lot of students who need to hear that- School Chaplain

A one night performance of KALEIDOSCOPE will cost £500 plus VAT as a flat fee- you keep all the ticket sales. We are committed to making our work affordable for everyone, so please do get in touch to have a conversation if the cost is a barrier to your community. Booking now between 9th September and 2nd November 2019.

Contact Louise on louise@rltc.org or phone the office on 01904 655317 today!