Wrapping up Roughshod 2013

Goodbyeeee!It’s been two weeks since Roughshod came to an end after an amazing week at the Riding Lights Summer School and a performance at New Wine. Since then I’ve between catching up with sleep and choosing what to wear that isn’t my costume, plus I have had time to process just what Roughshod has meant for me.

Since going on tour in February we performed in 18 bases in 13 areas of the country to 22,377 people; we workshopped with 4,543 people and met 338 prisoners. We performed 29 public performances and 242 performances in schools, community centres, care homes, youth groups, prisons, YOIs, homeless shelters, churches, on streets and at festivals.

We met Gav the Chav a whopping 133 times alone and performed our sketches a total of 1197 times (an average of 1 sketch a day for over 3 years!) lasting 138 hours. Not too shabby for a group of five previously-stranger-now-good-friends actors and an occasionally-ailing van.

It is hard to fully express what being a Shoddie is actually like and after hoping and praying of doing this for nine years, it is so much more than I ever thought it would be. It’s exhausting, it’s challenging, it’s moving, it’s intense, it’s ridiculous, it’s incredible, it’s amazing, it’s bonkers, it’s emotional, it’s surreal, it’s inspiring and it’s life-changing.

So, as I finish, I would like to say, on behalf of all us 2013 Shoddies; for all the love, support, prayers, friendship and laughter that saw us through the Roughshod rollercoaster, we wish you a massive thank you and may God bless you all.