With You To The Threshold

With You to The Threshold takes you on a journey of emotional discovery. With a combination of western classical instruments, world instruments, and poignant vocals, it will walk you through the barren landscape of loss, towards sanctuary, peace and light.

The album is being debuted through an experimental, boundary pushing sound installation, attempting to help break down the taboo of grief. The installation will guide visitors through the music of the album enabling them to reflect on the journey of grief. There will be charity representation and advice on site.

Tickets for the sound installation are £6.

Book by calling 01904 613000.

Selection of times available. See schedule for details.

Booking essential. Tea and coffee included in the ticket cost.


Tour times:

10:00am for 10.30am start (installation finishes at 11.10 vacating 12 pm)

1.30pm for 2pm start (installation finishes at 2.40pm, vacating 3.30pm)

3.30pm for 4pm start; (installation finishes at 4.40pm, vacating 5.30pm)

6pm for 6.30pm start (installation finishes 7.10pm, vacating 8pm)