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The Selfish Giant has been adapted into a film in three 15 minute chapters. The show can be viewed on separate occasions or watched in one sitting. School bookings also get access to a creative activity pack filled with approx. 10 hours of activities for lessons or homework.

Chapter 1 – The Giant’s Garden

Meet our storytellers – Jack and Sam. They love dreaming up tall tales and having fun entertaining children.  But, oh no! It seems that today Sam is grumpy and refusing to join in. Jack will have to convince him. Luckily today’s story is one of his favourites: The Selfish Giant. This high energy chapter introduces Smog the Giant, his fantastic garden and amazing storytelling, as well as making us think about what makes us happy or sad… or selfish.


Chapter 2 – Up Goes the Wall

Smog is sad, so he and Miff, his Giant friend, go away for a while to look for help. Meanwhile the garden is bursting with life and colour… and games organised by Jack and Sam.  It becomes an amazing Summer playground for lots of children. But when Smog comes back he is very different!  The selfish Giant closes the garden, chasing away the Summer.  Two new characters show up – brash and boisterous, Frost and Snow take over the place. What has changed in Smog’s heart?

Chapter 3 – The Boy in the Tree 

With Smog locked away in his castle and his garden battered by the North Wind, it looks like hope has gone away for good. But one child remains in the frozen garden. How can one small boy make a giant change?  This final chapter of the story sees life and joy return to the garden and asks how we can all make a difference to help those around us.



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