The People’s Passion: Performance Licence

When purchasing The People’s Passion you also receive a licence to perform the event in your community. Below is the text of the performance licence.

To register your licence for The People’s Passion we will ask you to send us your name, address, phone number and email. This allows us to attribute the licence to the licence holder.

Filling in and submitting your licence form indicates that you are in agreement with the terms of the performance licence.


The People’s Passion Licence

Riding Lights Theatre Company

© 2016 by Riding Lights Theatre Company

created by Riding Lights Theatre Company
written by Paul Birch, Paul Burbridge, Les Ellison, Nigel Forde, Bridget Foreman, Murray Watts

This play and its accompanying materials are fully protected under the laws of copyright. All rights are strictly reserved.

This pack includes a license to perform The People’s Passion as well as make copies of these resources in preparation of that performance.

Thank you for purchasing The People’s Passion. Filling in and submitting your licence form indicates that you are in agreement with the terms of this licence.

  1. A licence for The People’s Passion is issued for multiple performances of this work by the purchaser.
  2. The licence is issued for use by the purchaser only and is not transferable.
  3. The licence does not confer the right to reproduce or distribute the text, or any part of the text, in any form excepting that copies may be made for the purchaser’s production purposes. This would allow a copy per individual actor plus one for the director, one each for the musicians, one for the leader and one for a technician. Large font copies may be produced for those who are partially sighted or have associated reading difficulties.
  4. Acknowledgements of any The People’s Passion event, in programmes/order of service (where applicable) should mention Riding Lights Theatre Company (RLTC).
  5. Performances may not be recorded in any form. Special permission may be given in certain circumstances. Please contact Riding Lights on +441904 655317 for more information.

All enquiries should be made to Riding Lights Theatre Company, Friargate Theatre, Lower Friargate, York, YO1 9SL. Or via email