Playboy of the Wide World

There’s nowt twixt a hero’s tale and an evil deed.

Playboy_of_the_Wide_World_promoimage_webA sleepy rural community is shaken by the arrival of a mysterious and dangerous young man. On the run for killing his own evil Father, the town hails him as a hero. The women want him, and men want to be him. The village and all it’s dubious riches are his for the taking.

And then his Father turns up, very much alive.

Bold as brass, big and brash; Hedgepig’s Playboy of the Wide World is a dark, wildly comic tale of rural folk and rural ways, heroes and villains, patricide and love. And goats.

Hedgepig Theatre have taken J.M. Synge’s original Playboy of the Western World, torn it apart and rebuilt it from the ground up, to their own twisted specification. Hedgepig’s new script has been developed alongside the cast’s own improvisations and experiences, giving each performance a truly unpredictable flavour.

This is Hedgepig Theatre’s biggest full production to date, following on from the critically acclaimed Miss JulieDouble Barrel 1 & 2 and Playhouse Creatures.

Friday 19th July – Sunday 21st July – 7.30pm, with an addition 2pm Saturday matinee
Tickets: £10.00/£8.00 (concessions)
Box Office: 01904 613000 or Book Online

(Please note there is a £1.50 per transaction charge if booking online. If you would like your tickets posted to you then there is a 50p charge to cover postage costs.)

Praise for Hedgepig Theatre:

Very rarely does a theatre group emerge with such a polished product as Hedgepig.” – One & Other Magazine (Miss Julie)

“Hedgepig are fantastic… fine and compelling storytelling” Love Leeds Radio (Double Barrel)

“Brashly humorous, provocative, even truculent, but intelligent.” York Press (Playhouse Creatures)

Magically intimate and involving.” – The Nouse (Miss Julie)

Adapted and Directed by Andy Curry – Based on the original play by J.M. Synge
Assistant Director Anna Rose James
Produced by Gemma Sharp
Costume design by Julia Smith
Lighting design by Kelli Zezulka
Music by Alexander King



Poe - Six Lips TheatreSix Lips Theatre

part of the Brighton Fringe Festival 2013

A celebration of one of the most revered yet slandered authors of early modern fiction.

The clock strikes thirteen as the floorboards pulsate, there is a scream from the crypt and something unusual is being dragged from inside the chimney breast.

Autumn falls on a decomposing nineteenth-century Europe, the smell of cabbage and the threat of the ticking pendulum bringing home the sense of desolation, while puppets join actors on stage to bring to life a menagerie of grotesque, intriguing characters.

An original script based on the short stories of Edgar Allen Poe. Set in a belfry amidst the clock cogs and cobwebs, William keeps the time in solitude, but on each foreboding chime of the clock a new unwanted visitor appears.

Informally adopted, massively criticised, spoiled and aggressively disciplined. The inventor of the detective fiction genre and re-inventor of science fiction, Edgar Allen Poe lived a tale not too far from those he penned, full of loss, rejection and mourning.

Help us celebrate the legacy of Poe’s works in gothic horror, by telling the story of one of the greatest storytellers of the modern era.

Friday 7th June – 7.30pm
Tickets: £8.00/£6.00 (concessions)
Box Office: 01904 613000 or Book Online

(Please note there is a £1.50 per transaction charge if booking online. If you would like your tickets posted to you then there is a 50p charge to cover postage costs.)