Gospel Street: Production Photos

Last night we had a fantastic preview of GOSPEL STREET in York and the cast are now on the road heading for their first show up in Edinburgh.

Dynamic and powerful, the show takes stories from the four gospels and drops them onto a modern day street. It’s a wild ride through issues of life, death and miraculous street food.

Want a taste? Here’s a few photos from the dress rehearsal taken by Tom Jackson

Gospel Street is touring until the end of November. You can find your nearest Gospel Street performance here.

Three Cheers For Christmas: Photos

We’ve got not one, but two casts touring with this year’s Christmas production – Three Cheers For Christmas!

Below are a few photos of Jake and Emily performing (who you may also recognise from Roughshod earlier this year). All photos taken by Andrew Dyer.

You can find tour dates for both shows at ridinglights.org/three-cheers as well as a tour map to help you find your nearest performance.

Simeon’s Watch: Photos

A selection of the dress rehearsal photos for Simeon’s Watch.

All photos taken by Tom Jackson.

Simeons’ Watch is touring the UK until the 10th of December. You can find a full list of dates, as well as a tour map at ridinglights.org/simeon

Crosslight: Dress Rehearsal Photos

As Crosslight heads out on tour here are a few picks from the dress rehearsal photo shoot.

Many thanks to Tom Jackson who took these fantastic photos.

Crosslight is touring nationally from the 24th February  to the 26th March. You can find a full list of performances at ridinglights.org/crosslight. Or try the tour map to quickly locate a show near you.

Baked Alaska – at Coventry Cathedral

We were thrilled to take Baked Alaska to the Reconciling A Wounded Planet at Coventry Cathedral, a perfect fit as the two day conference was looking at “stories of hope’ in the midst of the growing environmental crisis”.

Even better, The Church Times were there and Pat Ashworth gave the show a fantastic review. Below are a few choice quotes and you can read the full piece on their website.

“a robust and delicious satire on climate change”

“This is pure Riding Lights: funny, colourful, biting”

“You couldn’t feel passive about the issue after watching this”

We’re also really enjoying take the show to Cathedrals, partly because the set looks fantastic in such large spaces. Here’s the audience gathering ready for the show at Coventry.

Coventry Cathedral

Baked Alaska is touring the UK until the 28 November. You can find a performance near you at ridinglights.org/baked-alaska or see what else the press have been saying here.



Inheritance – 2015 production photos

Looking as good as ever, here’s a selection of photos taken by Andrew Dyer at the dress rehearsal of the 2015 production of Inheritance.

You can find the full list of Inheritance performances here.

Inheritance – New Photo Trailer

With the start of our 2015 tour of Inheritance we’ve got a new photo trailer which gives a fantastic feel for what the show looks like. Take a look…

You can find the full list of Inheritance performances here.

Feather-flying photos of our 2014 Christmas Shows

With both of this year’s Christmas shows now on tour, we thought you might like to see a few snaps from the dress rehearsals…

You can find a full list of public performance on the A Christmas Cracker web page, or if you’re looking for a show further south, Goose Chase is now on tour nationally.

Fantastic Acts! – First Night and Photos

And they’re off…

Fantastic Acts has had a fantastic first couple of nights here in York and then up in Dunbar (on to Edinburgh this evening). We’re really pleased with t he show, and from the enthusiastic audiences responses so far, we think you will be too. Take a look:

‘Theatre that really gets you thinking…thought provoking, relatable…not to be missed.
(York audience member)

‘If you want to know what a real church should look like, you should go’
(Dunbar audience member)

‘Fantastically thought-provoking, funny and deep -loved it.’
(Twitter comment after York performance)

‘It was an amazing night! A really fun way to learn about the Book of Acts.’
(Facebook comment after the Dunbar performance)

 Thinking of coming to see the show? You can find performance dates here, plus we’ve got a few photos to give you a taster.


Roughshod on the road: filming in York

I love being on tour. Going to new places, meeting new people, doing new things – but I must say there is something special about coming back to the familiarity of Friargate.

Filming in the van

We were back there recently filming two trailers; one for iWitness and the other to show the work that Roughshod do. I was really looking forward to it; I’d never done filming like this before and it was all very exciting – I was just gutted I’d not packed my feather boa, but in hindsight that may have been seen as a tad excessive.

It was a great week – certainly busy and challenging in a new way. We were used to doing workshops and shows; not getting dizzy from driving up and down the same stretch of road to get the perfect shot, or attracting a crowd whilst wearing balaclavas and leaping from the back of a van! It was a really refreshing change from what we normally get to do on tour and safe to say we had a lot of fun whilst we were doing it too!

We may have also been a little bit competitive about who managed to film our close ups in the fewest takes. We all did pretty well and at one point I did dub us as “One Take Shod”. That name (sadly) did not catch on.

Roughshod at their most terrifying

It does have to be said; I now have a whole new appreciation for the amount of time and planning and preparation that goes into organising something like this. It really is fascinating to see what goes on behind the scenes and I learned a lot in the week about how important angles and timing and lighting is – and that getting all of them right at the same time is not always as easy as it looks.

I’m always happy to be back in York and getting to be part of a project like this was a really fascinating experience. I’m told the trailer is currently being edited (we’ll post it on to the blog when it’s done) and hope it shows people how Roughshod is more than five actors travelling around the country in a tin can, doing funny sketches and that it benefits the company for many years to come.

The fact it features five of our fabulous faces for years is surely just a happy by-product.