Theatres Trust Grant For Friargate Flood Protection

2016_TheatresTrust_logoWe are very pleased to announce that Friargate Theatre has been awarded £5000 by the Theatres Trust.

The grant has been made in response to the flood damage which took place during the Boxing Day flooding in York this winter. It will enable us to begin the essential work to flood-proof Friargate. This is a significant addition to money raised from our ongoing programme of fundraising events.

Friargate Theatre At NightWe are immensely grateful to the Theatres Trust for their award are delighted to be one of the five theatres awarded grants  in current round of funding from the Theatres Protection Small Grants Scheme.
Friargate Theatre was one of the casualties of the flooding in York in December 2015, with the lower end of the building flooded, immersing the lower ground floor. The planned flood prevention work involves the creation of two access traps in the office floor, installation of smart air bricks so the building can be fully dried out, as well as the purchase and installation of a permanent sump and pump, which will help protect the interior of the building against future flooding..

You can find out more about the Theatres Trust and the current round of grants on their website.