Simeon’s Watch: Photos

A selection of the dress rehearsal photos for Simeon’s Watch.

All photos taken by Tom Jackson.

Simeons’ Watch is touring the UK until the 10th of December. You can find a full list of dates, as well as a tour map at

Dress rehearsal photos – a different drum

Hot off the press, here’s a few photos from the dress rehearsal for a different drum – taken at the Central Methodist Hall here in York (where’ we’ve got a performance of the show on the 13th of Feb)

Click on the images to see a larger version:

In fact, we’ve turned some of them into a trailer\slideshow for your viewing pleasure:

All photos by Andrew Dyer

Only 80 Miles to Christmas! – Photos and Trailer

Both our Christmas shows are out on the road now and the usual chaos of rehearsals at Friargate has died back down.

Still we always have these excellent dress rehearsal photos to remind us of the multicoloured monstrosity we’ve let loose out onto the roads of Yorkshire:

UPDATE: Even better, we’ve now added a trailer…


All photos by Andrew Dyer. More info and tour dates for Only 80 Miles to Christmas can be found in the ‘touring’ section of this website.