Christmas Shows for 2015

Every year we tour two magical, highly entertaining Christmas shows to schools, churches and arts venues. Warm hearted, original and full of fun, Riding Lights Christmas shows have been entertaining family audiences and primary schools since 1977.

A Christmas Cracker  Nearly-2015-WEB-poster
21st Nov – 23rd Dec 2015
21st Nov – 23rd Dec 2015

Full of the warm-hearted fun and festive story-telling Riding Lights’ Christmas productions give a wonderful glimpse into the heart of the first Christmas.

Our two fantastic Christmas shows touring for 2015 are: A Christmas Cracker – by Paul Birch, telling magical Christmas tales to warm up the winter evenings across the UK. Then for our Yorkshire tour we have Nearly The Goat, Nigel Forde’s wonderfuly festive show staring, well… a goat.

Watch the trailer

To get a taste of our Christmas shows here’s the trailer for A Christmas Cracker:


A Christmas Cracker

Touring the nationally for Christmas 2015


Bursting with seasonal stories for all the family

written by Paul Birch

A Christmas CrackerThings are not going well for world famous storyteller Ebeneezer Sneezer.

She’s lost. There is snow in her wellies and her wise and faithful dog, Cracker, has some strange ideas about Christmas.

Caught taking shelter in Mrs McGinty’s barn, she allows them to stay on condition that Ebeneezer warm-up her Christmas with some of her seasonal stories. If they bring her enough glad tidings there’s a hot supper on the cards. If not they will be thrown back out into the storm.

With Mrs McGinty’s frozen heart in need of a magnificent miracle and Deadly the dastardly donkey ready to kick comfort and joy out of his stable, will Ebeneezer triumph? Despite turbulent turkeys and hysterical hay fights, she has a plan and some tremendous tales to turn things around.

So pull open this delightful cracker packed with comedy, puppetry, and seasonal storytelling, as Riding Lights offers the whole family a magical glimpse into the heart of Christmas.

23rd Nov – 23rd Dec

You can find a list of performances below. With the exception of the performances at Friargate Theatre tickets can be booked via to local organiser, details on ticket prices and how to book are included in each listing.

 Trailer and Tour Dates:

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Feather-flying photos of our 2014 Christmas Shows

With both of this year’s Christmas shows now on tour, we thought you might like to see a few snaps from the dress rehearsals…

You can find a full list of public performance on the A Christmas Cracker web page, or if you’re looking for a show further south, Goose Chase is now on tour nationally.

A Christmas Cracker – Trailer

Last week we packed Rachel, Gail and a whole menagerie of puppets into the back of a Riding Lights van ready for our Yorkshire tour of  A Christmas Cracker. The show has gone down a storm in primary schools, so we’re very excited for the first public performance this Friday here in York.

We’ve created a trailer to give you a taste of the show, and below that we’ve got a few of the responses from some of the pupils and teachers who’ve seen the show so far.

“We thought that you were outstanding. I really liked how the stories were humourous and entertaining.
The whole play was amazing!”
(Year 4 pupil – Haxby and Wigginton Primary)

“My favourite was Cracker and the shepherds fighting”
“I thought Ebeneezer was really stuck in that ladder!”
(Pupils – Nawton Primary)

“Our kids don’t sit still for more than 5mins, but they were transfixed all the way through!”
(Teacher – Woodthorpe Primary)

“Riding Lights get a good balance, good for the kids but also something for the adults to chuckle at too.”
(Teacher – Nawton Primary)

You can find a full list of public performance on the A Christmas Cracker web page, or if you’re looking for a show further south, Goose Chase is now on tour nationally.

Looking ahead to Autumn and beyond…

Origins & Lemons BinocularsThis time of year is always an exciting one in the Riding Lights office. Not only are preparations for Summer School at full speed, Roughshod have arrived home in York,  bringing a whole tour’s worth of energy and exciting stories back with them and into the building.

It also makes for one of the very few moments when we don’t have a company out on the road. It’s astonishing really, the end of July and August are the few months when we don’t have a show on the road. That’s only two months out of twelve when Riding Lights, in one form or another, aren’t touring! We do keep ourselves busy.

What’s more, the next 12 months are looking to be just as full, and booking for 2014/15 is well underway. Take a look…

  • Fantastic Acts!  (September to November 2014) 
    Autumn National Tour based on the book of Acts
  • A Christmas Cracker (November to December 2014)
    Yorkshire Christmas tour to  schools,  churches and arts centres
  • Goose Chase (November to December 2014)
    National Christmas tour to  schools,  churches and arts centre
  • Roughshod 2015 (February to July 2015)
    Regional tour working with churches and communities around the UK
  • Inheritance (February to April 2015)
    A Passion Play for Lent 2015, re-touring after a very successful 2014 run.

Would one of these shows be perfect for your community? We’re always looking for new venues or communities to perform in. If you’d like to know more take a look at our ‘host a show‘ page’, give us a call on 01904 655317, or email Bernadette on

Goose Chase – New Trailer

Trekking miles and miles with nothing more than a substantial Russian hat and a flask of Igor’s cabbage vodka to keep them warm, the Goose Chase cast are now on tour. No one is more excited about this than Boo the Goose herself…

Plus, before they all headed out into the frozen rainy landscape of North Yorkshire, we did manage to get a few photos:

You can find a full list of dates for this year’s tour over on the Goose Chase webpage.

Saying Boo to Christmas

We asked Rachel to tell us about this year’s Christmas shows and this happened…

Since filming Boo the Goose has been seen wandering round the office, pin in mouth, sworn to defend Friargate from all imposters! Someone better book a Christmas show soon before he gets any more worked up.

You can find out more about both our local and national Christmas tours here. Alternatively you can give us a call on 01904 655317 or drop us an email.

A very different beast…

It’s Day 1 of our Brand new Christmas Show. Multiple award winning writer and Riding Lights’ legend Nigel Forde has re-told that much neglected part of the Christmas story (the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethelehem) in true comic form.

We welcomed returning actor Peter Shaw (Downside Up, Take The World, Give it Back, Mak!) who is playing Joseph as well as two actors new to the company. Pippa Gibb is tackling Mary and the rather subversive angel is played by Rob Holman. We are very pleased that both will also be joining Roughshod 2013 so if you want to get a sneak peek at the performance power of these two new shoddies then make sure you get to see Only 80 Miles to Christmas! this year.

There is, of course, another key character in this revolutionary road trip – namely the beast of burden that carried the Holy Family on their way. Despite the ubiquitous donkey beloved of countless Christmas cards the gospels do not tell us how they all made their way to Bethlehem. In our retelling, Joseph with his unusual carpentry skills has created a very different beast. A crazed S.A.L.O.O.N.C.A.R (Specially assembled lot of ordinary nails cardboard and rubbish). To call it a ‘car’ would be close to the mark although this thing has a mind of its own. Scattered throughout this blog post are a few photos of the cast and creative team taking a first look at the frame of this contraption.

So today, York Mystery Plays acclaimed design team Sean Cavanagh and Anna Gooch were busy with prop maker Chris Tandy creating the shell of the car for rehearsals whilst directors Paul Burbridge and Paul Birch think up comedic madness for the journey that was to end up changing the world.

So, we hope you’ll watch the blog and we’ll keep you posted on the show as it makes its own road trip through rehearsal, and if you’ve like to find a Christmas show performance near you, the a full listings are here.