Premier Radio Service at St Paul’s Cathedral

Back in July Riding Lights was centre stage in a great service marking the 20th birthday of Premier Radio. We were asked to help tell their story in a celebratory birthday service at St Paul’s Cathedral, London alongside the Bishop of London, Richard Chartres, Graham Kendrick and the All Souls Orchestra. What’s more the event was streamed online to hundreds of thousands of Premier listeners nationwide.

Premier have now made the video stream from the service available for anyone to watch. Click here to take a look.

Here’s the first piece from us:

Roughshod on the Road: Variety is the spice of life

Michael PerkinsAsk anyone who has done Roughshod and they will tell you “no matter how much you love the material, love the workshops or love the youth groups the chance to change things up  is always a bonus!” especially after seven months of tour.

We had the privilege of being the third Roughshod company in a row to visit Upminster and so by now our organiser Kevin had a pretty good idea of how Roughshod was supposed to work and also how flexible we could be. Apparently Kevin took this flexibility as a challenge and decided that for 2013 he would really try to push us!

During our two weeks we were able to work with the YMCA Romford youth department, perform at a church BBQ, do a workshop with 120 children in Sacred Heart School (our usual maximum is 30!), perform to around 800 people in the evangelistic ‘One Day’ event and the best of all was getting to perform outside Westminster Cathedral to a group of homeless guys in a weekly service known as ‘Church Without Walls’. All this was in addition to our usual selection of schools, youth groups and prison work!

Church Without Walls was particularly special for me to be involved with, as it is a ministry that many people from my home church have been involved with for a while. It was truly a blessing to have been able to be involved. Despite having to get up at 5:20 am on a Saturday morning and perform sketches to a group of guys with a road (and quite a few passing vehicles) in between us and them. Some of these guys are among some of the most vulnerable in London, so it was great to be able to get to perform to them and to speak to a few; really fulfilling Roughshod’s remit of taking theatre to places it doesn’t normally get.

Another reason Upminster had a bit more variety (for me at least) was that it’s my home town! It was fantastic to be able to go home, see my family, sample my Dad’s amazing roast dinner and BBQ skills, meet up with friends, visit Thorpe Park on our day off and also celebrate my birthday! All in all a fantastic two weeks I’d say!

Mike Perkins