More About The Week


The 2020 link between our courses is all the hopeful and cautionary tales we can tell about where we live and how we respect our home.

‘… fifty years ago, April 22nd 1970 was the first time that EARTH DAY was celebrated. With wisdom and the commitment that now comes from knowing the truth about global warming, let’s celebrate it again…’

Few can be unaware of how precious the Earth is and how much it enriches our quality of life. Few can also be unaware of how threatened the Earth is and how our lifestyle affects it. This year at the Summer School, we want to have fun making theatre that moves and motivates us. And we also plan to première a piece of public community theatre for future ‘Earth Days’ which every STS member can take away and offer for a short performance where they live.


Harrogate Ladies’ is a boarding school located in a leafy suburb of the wonderful spa town of Harrogate. The school provides excellent accommodation, working spaces and theatres, landscaped grounds, a brand new swimming pool, social facilities and a gorgeous chapel. The bedrooms are a mixture of single to four person rooms, spread across five beautifully equipped houses. We will endeavour to offer single rooms to participants over 25 years old wherever possible. The accommodation is very well maintained and there are plenty of baths and showers in each house as well as comfortable common rooms for evening relaxation. Kitchen areas are also available in each house. A bar will be open at the school in the evenings for the sale of drinks and confectionery to accompany the evening entertainment.


Alongside this profusion of dramatic activity there will be daily opportunities for worship ranging from quiet reflection to the the exuberant and the plain wacky. For many, a highlight of the Summer School is the Sunday morning communion service, with its unique blend of theatre, sacrament and creative prayer. The worship is often cited by many students as a particularly valued part of their week and although the Summer Theatre School becomes a wonderfully supportive community, the Riding Lights chaplain will also be on hand to chat through any personal issues and, if you want, to pray with you.


Meals are provided by the professional caterers used by the school and are of a high standard. You will get dinner on the first day and then three meals each day until the following Saturday when the last meal is lunch. Once we have received your booking form we will contact you to find out if you have any food allergies or intolerances. We aim to meet all medically required special dietary requirements – but if there is any food you simply dislike, we’re afraid you’ll have to work around it (there’s normally a good choice of options at each meal)!


Harrogate Ladies’ College is in a leafy suburb of Harrogate, just a few minutes from the town centre. There is plenty of free parking available at the school. The nearest station is Harrogate Station just under a mile away, with regular trains to York and Leeds. Leeds/Bradford and Manchester airports are 30 minutes and 2 hours away respectively. Riding Lights will provide transport on Saturday 1st August from Harrogate Station and Saturday 8th August back to Harrogate Station for those who need it.


If you wish to participate in the Summer School and have a disability or additional needs, we will strive to accommodate you and provide relevant support wherever possible. However, this is of course subject to our own resources and the facilities on offer at Harrogate Ladies’ College. For example, there is wheelchair access to parts of the school buildings and there are a small number of adapted accommodation facilities, however there are areas on-site where wheelchair-users would be likely to require assistance.

We will do all we can to accommodate additional needs but as a small company, it is important to have a conversation with us before applying to determine whether or not it will be suitable for the needs of the applicant. Please contact the office on 01904 655317 or via email before applying and we will be happy to discuss any particular needs you may have.


Riding Lights is committed to ensuring the welfare of all staff and participants on the Summer School and operates a rigorous health and safety policy. All participants are required to sign a simple code of conduct which outlines their responsibilities in contributing to the health, welfare and smooth-running of the week. The well-being of the young people in our care for the week is of paramount importance and two youth workers join the company for the week to ensure that there is dedicated pastoral oversight.

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