Courses for 2020

For 2020 we’ll be running the following courses, which includes a new course and a shake up for another course- Radio Active and The Full (Community) Works respectively.

The courses are designed to cater to all abilities, and our course tutors have plenty of experience of working with those new to theatre as well as seasoned actors. However, if you’d like to sign up for Face the Music then we’d suggest that some musical experience and a willingness to sing is needed.

Our 2020 theme is “it’s TIME TO ACT”

Riding Lights Express (age 14-18)

Join this imaginative ensemble company to create a gripping piece of theatre. This year, dramatise a crazy selection of less well-known stories from the Brothers Grimm – these are The Cautionary Tales, strange and haunting, dark and delightful. Bring them to unforgettable life with physical and visual story-telling techniques, while learning new puppetry skills along the way… the way that leads into the woods, the natural world of mystery, where all kinds of magical things can happen. A play in a week with parts for all.

Radio Active (age 19 – 90)

A new course for writers and actors! Join our Radio Rep company who will create and broadcast live at the end of the week their own drama documentary. The Home (truths) Service will be serving up a hope-filled programme of current stories, highlighting remarkable good news projects and scientific discoveries worldwide in the struggle to avert the slide towards climate disaster. Under expert tuition, learn how to write, attune your voice and perform for this most imaginative and evocative medium… as well as creating your own sound effects live in ‘the studio’.

Face the Music (age 14-18)

Face the Music deserves its reputation for innovative approaches to musical theatre and this year is set to be no different. Over the week our Face the Music cast will act, sing and dance their way to becoming ‘The Community’ – a band of teenagers who, fed up with the way adults have been running things, decide to form their own society… on an abandoned oil rig… in the middle of the sea. What could possibly go wrong?! Join us for a juke box musical based on Joel Horwood’s This Changes Everything. It will be lots of fun – with plenty of singing!

Stage by Stage (age 19-90)

With endless prevaricating over Climate Change and protestors labelling themselves extinction rebellion, it’s vital that there is hope and strategy… but can there also be a dose of corrective laughter? The SBS company will have a go at this, by reviving extracts from the richly entertaining world of RLTC’s own Baked Alaska, with its ‘serious comedy’, international stories, songs, puppetry and, above all, its voice that love for the Creator is joined with love for our neighbours everywhere who share this extraordinary planet. A Brechtian performance in a week with parts to suit all levels of ability.

The Full (Community) Works (age 19-90)

This enterprising ensemble turns its creative hands to a variety of theatre styles. This year, in line with our theme, the task is to devise a piece of community theatre which places a 2020 response to episodes from the Genesis story (Creation to Flood) in the foreground. Drawing on material from
modern mystery plays and the classic RLTC show Origins and Lemons, this is the course that has it all – epic ‘natural world’ drama and the ultimate hopeful, though cautionary, tale about the glory of God and the folly of humanity.

Get Your Act Together (age 19-25)

An absorbing assignment awaits this year’s GYAT company, as they rehearse and deliver a play in a week. Much good writing about Climate Change, for obvious reasons, is immediate and therefore dates very fast. The environmental data and the politics move on. At the time of writing this brochure, the GYAT plan is to produce a short workshop version of Greenland – a powerful, episodic play from the National Theatre, whose threads are personal, political, scientific and campaigning. Voices we need to hear.

Technical Theatre (age 16-90)

This is the course which gives exactly what it says on the tin – highly practical training in a number of vital behind-the-scenes theatre skills. Learn from an experienced professional how to be an effective stage-manager, rig and operate lighting and sound and then work alongside a director to support the final performance of one of our Summer School shows.

And there’s even more . . .
The week is full of lots of other things: performances both official and impromptu by Riding Lights, a wide range of specialist workshops in related activities (such as movement, writing, comedy, puppetry, improvisation etc.), the Big Warm-Up, theatre games, late-night entertainments, off-the-wall
Members’ events, creative worship, plus lots of time chatting in our own café/bar or over meals in the dining hall.

And then there’s the great ‘festival of theatre’ at the end of the week, watching everyone else’s shows and sharings, followed by a brilliant last night party!

So, has a particular course caught your eye or peaked your creative interest? If so, you can apply here.