Courses for 2019

For 2019 we’ll be running the following courses, including the return of an immersive theatre course after last year’s success.

The courses are designed to cater to all abilities, and our course tutors have plenty of experience of working with those new to theatre as well as seasoned actors. However, if you’d like to sign up for Face the Music then we’d suggest that some musical experience and a willingness to sing is needed.

Our 2019 theme is “Infinity and beyond…”

The connection this year between our various courses is the idea of discovery.

“… fifty years ago, on July 20th 1969, Apollo 11 landed three astronauts on the moon.”

Whether discovery comes through the telescope or the microscope, as a result of raw courage or brilliant intuition, human understanding of the universe is constantly expanding. Some of these advances are excellent subjects for another kind of exploration altogether – theatre!

RIDING LIGHTS EXPRESS (age 14-18) Fully Booked

Join this imaginative ensemble to create a challenging piece of theatre – a revival of one of the very first plays to deal with ‘artificial intelligence’. R.U.R. (Rossum’s Universal Robots) by Karel Capek was an extraordinary prophetic vision of the world when first performed in 1920 – Capek actually coined the word ‘robot’. Robots, and the human beings who have created them, wrestle for control of planet Earth and 99 years on. The same issues are no longer just sci-fi ideas. A powerful play in a week with parts for all.

FACE THE MUSIC (age 14-18) A Few Spaces Remaining

Face the Music deserves its reputation for innovative approaches to musical theatre. Join them on a journey of discovery as they re-create the rock and roll classic Return to the Forbidden Planet. A great story based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest and the 1956 sci-fi movie Forbidden Planet. With some pulsating jukebox songs, eye-catching choreography, unforgettable characters and you… this year, the company will be blasting off into hyperspace with extra crew from members of Get Your Act Together. Lots of fun and lots of singing!

GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER (age 19-25) A Few Spaces Remaining

A brilliant music theatre opportunity awaits the GYAT company this year as participants team up with Face the Music to produce a dynamic staging of the classic rock musical Return to the Forbidden Planet. Based on the story behind Shakespeare’s The Tempest, this ever-popular jukebox musical is a perfect fit with our overall theme this year…

(For any GYAT age-range who prefer not to exercise their song and dance skills, we recommend the chance to follow up last year’s epic immersive theatre show and take a look at The Full (Immersive) Works.)

STAGE BY STAGE (age 19-90) Fully Booked

In a world where scientists are often accused of ‘playing God’, how can we combine the volatile elements of scientific discovery, faith and moral responsibility? Reviving the RL classic Science Friction, Stage by Stage takes a dramatic look at these complex issues, turning a lens on two stories: Galileo’s study of the heavens which rocked the church’s universe and a modern genetic research scientist experiencing a clash between her professional and personal convictions. A fascinating play in a week with parts for all.

THE FULL (Immersive) WORKS (age 19-90) Fully Booked

Ada Lovelace, the Victorian ‘computer program’ writer, and Alan Turing, the Bletchley Park codebreaker – two kindred spirits 100 years apart, united through the desire to use numbers to explore the world around them. The Full (Immersive) Works will tell the story of our two tragic heroes as they as they attempt to create the first modern digital computer. In this immersive piece we will be using the techniques of companies such as Punchdrunk and Third Rail to create a ‘fly on the wall’ type journey for our audience. Join us to crack the code of audience partition as we discover the enigma of these two extraordinary lives.

THREE ENTERPRISE (age 19-90) Fully Booked

Our popular theatre skills course returns with a twist. The course will concentrate creativity in two areas: Writing for the Stage and Unusual Styles of Performance (featuring a range of acting techniques, including puppetry and performing with character masks). The first part of the week will be spent either developing new scripts or learning performance skills. The third and final phase of the course will be a full-on collaboration, sharing new skills and staging new writing. Individual creativity, energetic ensemble work and extra-ordinary performance – it’s a great mix!

TECHNICAL THEATRE (Age 16 – 90) Fully Booked

This highly practical course shines its spotlight on a range of behind-the-scenes operations. Learn technical theatre skills from an experienced professional, dis-cover how to stage-manage a production, rig and operate lighting and sound and then work with a director to support the final performance of one of our Summer School shows.

So, has a particular course caught your eye or peaked your creative interest? If so, you can apply here.