Summer Theatre School Online 2020


For several years, Riding Lights Summer Theatre School has been one of our creative highlights.  Even though we can’t gather for a residential week together, the Company is determined to do everything possible to ensure that this online version is an exciting experience for everyone who joins in.

Please take the plunge.  Sign yourself up for what will undoubtedly be a great and memorable experience.


The Company has been learning how to rehearse theatre over Zoom, how to make sessions satisfyingly interactive and it can call on a wide range of professional practitioners to help run courses, lead workshops and provide technical support.

The minimum commitment for any participant on a course will be about 25 hours over 4 days and two evenings.  We know how tiring too much screen watching can get, so we are including substantial breaks.  Of course, we will also be offering all the other Summer School ingredients which people value so much.  These are optional – so enjoy them as you please.

Book before 14 July to guarantee a place!

JULY 31    Evening : Welcome and introductory event

AUG 1 – 4    The four day programme begins Saturday to Tuesday.

AUG 5    Early evening start : Performances/ sharing of work. Farewell Party.


The 2020 link between our courses is the range of hopeful and cautionary tales we will tell about where we live and how we respect our home.

‘… fifty years ago, April 22nd 1970 was the first time that EARTH DAY was celebrated. With wisdom and the commitment that now comes from knowing the truth about global warming, let’s celebrate it again…’

Few can be unaware of how precious the Earth is and how much it enriches our quality of life.  Few can also be unaware of how threatened the Earth is and how our lifestyle affects it.  This year at our online STS, we want to have fun making theatre that moves and motivates us to speak up for our planet.


As STS is online this year, there are a few technical requirements to meet if you want to attend. You will need an internet-connected device which can handle video conference calls (Zoom). Ideally, this will be a laptop or other computer, or a tablet. (You may find it hard to undertake the whole event using just a smartphone.) You will also need some way to record audio and video – any device that can handle Zoom should be capable of this.

Any questions, feel free to get in contact with us.


Several elements of our programme will be optional and some workshops will be recorded so you can catch up with them later.  However, you will need to commit fully to all your course sessions.  Apart from the final performance which might be on the evening of Tues Aug 4th or Weds 5th, these sessions will be for a couple of hours in the mornings and afternoons.

Any questions or need more information? Contact Bethan on or call 01904 655317.