Summer School

It’s been tricky trying to keep the blog updated in the last few days of the Summer School. How to fit in blogging time, never mind time to download or upload pictures, in the midst of so much activity!! The absence of an internet connection other than a slightly slow one through my phone hasn’t helped much either……

Anyway, I’ll get some more pictures up as soon as possible but I’m off to London with the Palestinian group on Monday afternoon. We’ll celebrate Elena’s 18th birthday that day and we’ll then be sightseeing in London on Tuesday. They’re off home on Wednesday but won’t reach Beit Jala until Thursday. Hopefully they’ll be able to check in Amman if Hani’s luggage is still there as it never arrived here.

A little encouragement that I’m not just writing all this for myself would be great. Just add a few (publishable!) comments to this post to let me know there’s someone out there………..

Thanks to all of you who were there for helping to make it yet another fantastic week in the life of Riding Lights.

Also, don’t forget the Facebook group for those who were at the Summer School.