Summer School – Days Four and Five

Tuesday and Wednesday were busy working days at the Summer School with the shows that each course is presenting starting to come together. For those working on existing scripts it is the slog of getting through all the blocking and starting to give the play some shape and character. For those on devised courses its time to start making some decisions and some late nights for those staff who have to write scripts coming from the improvised work of the day. These shows also need to be cast and rehearsed so as we move to Thursday the pressure is starting to show a bit.

Thankfully the rather noisy and messy work cutting and digging up a bit of school playground right in the middle of our working areas has been postponed until we’ve gone. A huge relief!

On Tuesday evening the participants had an opportunity to take part in workshops on a variety of different skills -clowning, singing, dancing, acting etc.. Wednesday night saw our ‘Exclusive Members’ Event’ – an chance for those of us who work for Riding Lights to say thank you to all those who are here who give to the company throughout the year by donating money to our work. Our Palestinian guests were made honorary members for the night but quite what they made of us holding a slightly madcap Christmas party we’re not sure!! Party games, carols around the piano, a festive sketch and even a Christmas message from the Queen! Photos from this event soon!

Last night, at a midweek service presented by the Expressway group, Elena Shaer said a few words on behalf of the group visiting the Summer School from Palestine and we also enjoyed a Palestinian dance which Elena and Sari had taught to others who joined them on stage. There was also a much enjoyed improptu game of football yesterday afternoon.