Roughshod on the road: Trowbridge

Stefi Drayson Le TissierI can’t believe that’s our penultimate base done now! We may be nearly finished but God certainly isn’t! People always ask us to tell them about things we’ve seen happen whilst being on tour and of course we have some great stories, but the truth of the matter is that we don’t see the half of it. We hit a town like a whirl wind and then leave, hoping that we’ve planted some seeds; but we don’t need to know what is going on to know that God is working, he just is. We just hope to have made a bit of a splash to get people sitting up and listening.

This time that splash has most defiantly been with the youth of Trowbridge. We have had a brilliant two weeks doing workshops and shows in some of the main secondary schools in Trowbridge – John of Gaunt, Clarendon and St Augustine’s along with some amazing youth groups – IMPAX, Ignite and Southwick Baptist Church. Overall we ran workshops with round 800 young people, so a splash is certainly what we made!

We were very well received everywhere we went too. Even in the few places where we have been warned of difficult classes, the teacher has come up to us slightly gob smacked after wards, saying that “the class is usually a nightmare, but was brilliant with us and totally engaged with what we were saying and doing.” I felt really encouraged seeing some of the pupils that initially refused to join in, start talking and appear to get something from the session. It has also been wonderful for us to work with youth groups and see young people that are already on fire for God. As well as having fun with them, there’s a chance of going a little more in depth, sharing testimonies and really encourage them (throwing more timber on the fire so to speak).

We finished off our week with a very well attended show, that we really enjoyed thanks to the brilliant audience who left saying it was ‘inspiring’, ‘hilarious’, ‘terrific’ etc.

Mike, putting his degree in Ancient History to good use

It has been a privilege to be staying in such a beautiful part of the country, which we took advantage of in the glorious weather, going out walking with our hosts or just relaxing in the garden after a full day of workshops. On our days off we also managed to sneak in a visit to Stonehenge, Bath and a few other lovely things including seeing some old hosts that lived nearby.

All in all a really wonderful two weeks in Trowbridge, seeing over 1100 people and knowing that God is really working…