Play The Game (19-90 yrs)

NEW for 2023!

Create another world. Learn the skills of interactive game-based performance with tutors from London’s premier immersive theatre company Parabolic. Using interactive techniques and game mechanics, Parabolic weave socially conscious stories around the ideas and decisions of their audience. Drawing on one of their most successful shows to date, explore this exciting form of storytelling.

What to Expect:

  • Led by two professional from Parabolic Theatre
  • Create all elements of immersive theatre together
  • Explore and experiment with your ideas
  • Learn and rehearse a show in week
  • Perform for summer school participants, your friends and family at the end of the week


Ask a Question:

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“My highlights? Preparation of scenes in groups. Friendly course members. Morning prayer. Food.”

“I enjoyed having the communal space within the accommodation for free time.”