Nearly the Goat

An action-packed Christmas play for the whole family… and other animals.

When was the last time a Goat was on hoof to save the day? Somewhere between the tinsel and the cabbage leaves, the crackers and the parsnip peelings, comes the remarkable story of Nearly the Goat…

…bending his amazing acting talents to impersonate a host of harassed innkeepers and help George tell a spell-binding Christmas story. To say nothing of the wolf!

The children were absolutely mesmerised.” – primary school teacher

How will Nearly in his DIY flying machine get to Bethlehem before the wolf does? And how can the kings return to Persia without their camel? This night of all nights is heading for a flock of disasters. Well, Nearly. And if it wasn’t for one relentlessly cheerful, extremely interrupting Goat butting in…

With an extraordinary range of puppetry skills, Riding Lights brings you the Christmas story in unforgettable style. Hilarious and magical, Nigel Forde’s delightful play has drawn acclaim from both young and old.

“We always know Christmas is on its way as soon as Riding Lights have been.” – primary school teacher

Written by Nigel Forde, directed by Erin Burbridge and designed by Anna Gooch


Touring: 22 November – 22 December 2022

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