Roughshod: Let Loose

Riding Lights Theatre Company presents…

Roughshod: Let Loose

directed by Paul Birch

Roughshod Let LooseAn irrepressible new comedy show that bounces over boundaries and hurdles past hindrance.

What are the things that keep us prisoner? What does it mean to be free?

Two cowboy builders get an unexpected lesson about less than firm foundations, a desperate caller finds their life permanently on ‘hold’ and the story of what happens when an inspiring family open their home to an ex-con.

Riding Lights Roughshod have been ‘let loose’ to perform timeless stories, satirical sketches and the personal experiences of the actors themselves in this uplifting show exploring the theme of freedom. Using powerful performance (and a little comic chaos) it also raises some intriguing questions about social justice, religious faith and the confines of the modern world.

So, please come and join us for unfettered access to this captivating new production. There really is no escape…

2016 Tour

Roughshod will be touring to communities across the UK from 6th March to 30th July 2016. There will be public performances of Roughshod: Let Loose, as well as work in schools, prisons, churches, and elsewhere in the wider community.

Interested? Could they be just the thing for your community? Then take a look at our booking Roughshod page.

Public Performances

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