Just Don’t Do It

It’s 1999 at Christian summer camp and enthusiastic youth leaders Trish and Tash are giving their top tips for ‘saving yourself until marriage’ to the teenage girls. No tempting the boys with inappropriate clothing, ‘safe’ dance moves and valuing virginity above all else is a script they know well, and one which Tash can deliver with personal zeal. Trish, however, is not so convinced. When she starts to rebel, Tash’s repressive tactics go into overdrive and the ground opens up beneath them. Literally. It will take an epic journey into a mythical realm, a surprising spiritual encounter and some singing vulva (puppets!) to reconsider everything they thought they knew about sex, faith and friendship.

Based on the performers’ personal experiences, American purity culture and an ancient matriarchal myth Just Don’t Do It is a ‘bonkers yet touching’ (***** Explore Reading) clown theatre debut from Beside Ourselves Collective.

Following the performance, Dr Ruth Penfold-Mounce of the University of York will chair a Q&A discussion.

Written and devised by Beside Ourselves Collective

Directed by Deanna Fleysher

7 June 7.30pm
Ticket prices: £10 full, £8 conc

01904 613000 or Book Online

Part of the York Festival of Ideas