iWitness - You Be The Judge‘You be the Judge’

Riding Lights Roughshod Theatre Company presents a rip-roaring series of sketches, stories and satirical swipes, weighing up the world with their new eye-opening show.

A powerless widow calls a high court judge to account. The latest must-have iGadget promises to keep you in iContact with surprising events. An unexpected prisoner finally confronts their victim…

Using a mix of comedy, drama and powerful storytelling, iWitness reports what happens when unchanging truths collide with modern myths. Marvel at justice and forgiveness balanced on the same pair of scales and uncover the personal stories that reveal some real features of faith.

Riding Lights Roughshod are well-known for taking their unique brand of high-energy performance with a spiritual edge to all kinds of places where live theatre is rare but greatly enjoyed. Creative, Comic and Confounding, a revamped ROUGHSHOD is ready to be seen in your community.

So, answer this theatrical summons…
and remember ‘There’s more in this than meets the i’

Roughshod will be touring iWitness from Feburary 24th to July 14th 2013 as part of their wider community theatre projects. For more information about the work Roughshod do, check the Roughshod section of this website.

Tour Dates

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