Roughshod: Irresistible

RLTC-RS-POSTER-2015-WebStanding Together in 2015

Brave enough to change the world? An irresistible idea! …but at what cost?
Roughshod Theatre Company present some death-defying stories of hope, courage and resistance!

Encounter the life-style guru whose advice goes a step too far, a desperate daughter who takes hold of her destiny and the intrepid bible smuggler who discovered hope in the darkest places when he dared to say ‘yes’.

Discover what it means to make a difference no matter what the cost may be. Say ‘Yes’ to this counter-cultural concoction of temptation, trials and triumph in Roughshod’s liberating new show.

In partnership with the charity Open Doors, who have served persecuted christians across the world for sixty years, Riding Lights Roughshod is taking this bold blend of powerful drama, music and comedy into prisons, schools, churches and community venues across the country.

Touring from 7 March to 18 July 2015

Public Performances

Roughshod do a whole range of work in the communities they visit, performing and running workshops pretty much anywhere that invite them (past venues have included everywhere from army bases to parent and toddler groups). However anyone can catch a glimpse of what they do at one of these public performances.

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Find out more about Roughshod’s work here.