Introducing our 2016 Roughshod

It’s been a while since we updated the Roughshod blog, but never fear, an absence of updates does not mean an absence of news!

Our lovely Shoddies for 2016 are on board and getting ready for rehearsals in January, the tour is gradually getting booked, and the sketches are making their way onto paper from the over-active mind of Paul Birch.

Over the next few weeks you’ll read much more about the actors that are taking the Roughshod plunge in 2016, but for now say hello to Mili, Jake, Katie, Charles and Emily. Look at them, don’t they look excited…


We’re delighted to have them join (and some return to) the Riding Lights family, and we hope you’ll join us in praying for and supporting these young actors as they gear up for the Roughshod adventure!

Roughshod Administrator