Inheritance: review and rehearsal photos

If you’ve picked up a copy of Friday’s Church Times you might have spotted their excellent review of InheritanceIf you have an online subscription you can read the full piece here, or we’ve picked out a couple of choice quotes below:

“It is the Passion story in close-up: intense, intimate”

“The play works as an icon, in not seeking accurate representation but inviting an individual response to the actions of God. It works beautifully, and has a humanity about it that shines”

“All four actors give outstanding performances”

“…a piece of perfection”

No complaints from us with this one then. The same can be said for our Twitter feed, which has been full of “don’t miss it” and “catch it if you can” tweets, as well as a lovely comment from an audience member at St David’s Cathedral  “It was perfectly put together. Theatre as it should be.”

All together some very encouraging responses to the production.

Rehearsal Photos

If you’ve not managed to catch the show yet, there’s still time as it’s touring until Easter Saturday (see a list of the remaining performance dates). Here’s a few dress rehearsal photos to whet your appetite.