Gospel Street

Gospel Street


retelling the news

People are out on the street.

Another generation is looking for answers – a rich young career woman, an angry gang leader, religious fanatics, activists, crooked bankers, a surprising refugee and the bloke who bought some seriously expensive jewellery.

Despite their differences and social divisions, 140 characters want to meet one extraordinary person. Jesus has arrived on their street on the lookout for trouble – looking to do something about it.

Four young evangelists – two women, two men – piece together the startling story of what happened, just now, on that street. It’s a wild ride through issues of life, death and miraculous street food.

GOSPEL STREET is a powerful mix of theatre, music, comedy and spoken word – a collaboration between award-winning writers, including hip-hop artist Testament. ‘Riding Lights is doing what it does best: bringing everyone together to hear some good news with wisdom, laughter, energy and insight.’

Touring the UK:  October – November 2017

Tickets: £10 & £8 (concessions)

*unless noted otherwise in the tour dates below

Book now:
01904 613000 or online

GOSPEL STREET is presented in association with Premier.

Tour Dates

Below is a list of tour dates and a map with each performance marked on it.

No shows booked at the moment.

  • Wayne Findlay

    Dear Riding Lights Theatre Company, would you have any plans to visit Cardiff South Wales for 2018?
    Whom I need to contact for this?

    • Hello Wayne,

      Yes we do have plans to be in Cardiff in 2018. Two performances are currently being planned, though we’ve not got all of the details confirmed yet. ‘Faith In The Questions’ – a show about the relationship between christian faith and science is likely to be coming to Cardiff in Spring 2018. Also ‘Where Adventure Begin’ – a show about faith for the whole family, is likely to be in Cardiff in February.

      We are also still looking for hosts for our Roughshod 2018 tour. If you’d like any more information about any of this, give us a call on 01904 655317.

      Keep an eye on the touring page of our website (https://ridinglights.org/whats-on/), and we’ll release details as soon as we have dates confirmed.

      Thanks, Peter

  • Janette Cowgill

    Was wondering if it was visiting Manchester or any where close. It’s approx 8 miles for any of our church to get to Manchester so if it was there or anywhere close would be good

    • Hello Janette. I’m very sorry but we don’t have a performance in Manchester for this tour at the moment – we do try to tour to Manchester as often as we can though. I’m afraid either Sheffield or Burnley are probably your closest performances.

  • Lynda King

    Any chance of you verturing into Lincolnshire? From here on the east coast it’s an hour’s jouney to the nearest dual carriageway!! No chance of getting to Leicester for an evening performance!
    Lynda King

    • Hi Lynda, Apologies but we haven’t managed to find a host church or venue in Lincolnshire for Gospel Street. I’m afraid Sheffield is probably your nearest performance.

  • Anna

    I was just wondering what age range Gospel Street is suitable for. Would young primary age children cope?

    • Hi Anna,

      We would suggest that Gospel Street is best suited for 11+. There’s nothing strictly unsuitable for younger children but the show does deal with some of the heavier themes in the gospels and puts them in a modern setting. Gospel Street is also 2 hours long (plus an interval) which might be a bit too long for some young children to sit through.

  • Phil Sheppard

    Enjoyed the show at Leicester last night. I was pleased to have been able to facilitate 6 young people from a church group to come, though having seen the show I would have recommended it to non-church and peripheral-church groups, as the show is excellent at conveying Gospel truths in a vivid way that young people can identify with.

    The four actors were brilliant – 10/10! The only downside was that I felt the show was a bit too long – maybe by 10 minutes.