Well things have, as usual, been pretty busy! The building is full to the brim with actors, directors, designers, technicians and wardrobe supervisors. Roughshod are nearing the end of their rehearsal period and have already had various opportunities to hone their workshop skills in schools and prisons. Last night an invited audience saw a full preview of their show, which was a great success, and on Saturday they head off on their tour!


The cast of new Passion Play The Narrow Road arrived on Monday and seem to be doing well. All of them are familiar faces to us so it’s great to have them back. However, we don’t see them much as they appear to be learning lines every minute that they’re not rehearsing…



As well as all of this, on Saturday we had a great Members’ Day, with 40 of our Members here with us. It was a great chance to catch up with what’s going on within the company, what our Members have been doing, and share our hopes for the year ahead. There was some really good food too.