Former Riding Lights actor performs a classic sketch in Trafalgar Square!

Luke Walton, former Roughshod actor, Arts Development Officer for the Bible Society and co-producer of the recent Bible Society/Riding Lights film ‘Unscripted’, will be taking over an 8m high plinth in Trafalgar Square tomorrow afternoon for one hour as part of the Fourth Plinth Project.

You can read more about the project here

Among other things, he will be performing the classic Riding Lights sketch “Life: wotsitallabout?” Given that the sketch is written for rather more than one actor to perform, we’re intrigued how he’s going to do this…

Go to on Tuesday 6th October between 2pm and 3pm to see streaming video of Luke performing – LIVE!

Luke would be really pleased if you felt an urge to make a small donation to the Sky’s the Limit to encourage him as he performs an old sketch in a new and high up place, you can do so by going to and donating there.

PS – bidding on the handwritten copy of ‘Bugs’ by Antony Dunn is going well. Take a look at: