Fizzy Finn – Primary School Tour

Fizzy Finn – Primary Schools – live performance Nov 29 – Dec 17

Many young children have found recent lockdowns and absences from friends and family very stressful, causing anxieties they find hard to articulate.  Riding Lights has created this wonderfully insightful Christmas show to address some of these problems in a gentle, fun way.  Through the character of Finn and his discovery of Tink the cobbler and her amazing story-telling Shoe Shop, we jump right into tales of bravery, fear and finding your feet in a stormy world.

The show lasts approximately 45 minutes and can be viewed in three episodes if preferred.

The shop of an unusual cobbler called Tink is full of all sorts of shoes and those shoes are filled with exciting, enlightening stories… put on a pair of shoes and you step into someone else’s story.

Episode 1 – Tink the Cobbler’s Story Shop
Confused and anxious, Fizzy Finn arrives on Christmas Eve, escaping from a thunderstorm that has been chasing him for weeks. After advising him to ‘Blotzsh the Glim’, Tink hopes he will learn from the surprising story of poor Suzy Pettiskew.

Episode 2 – Barney Box and the Expanding Dog
Crackling electricity from the storm outside keeps Finn sheltering in the shop. He gets caught up in the world of Barney Box and his Expanding Dog – a problem which grows bigger and bigger, the longer Barney tries to keep it secret.

Episode 3 – Fizzy Finn finds his feet
We discover that Tink, too, has a remarkable shoe story of her own to tell and sharing it with Finn gives courage to them both. Finn finds his feet as he begins to understand why, this year, the prospect of having ‘two Christmases’ has been making him feel so strangely ‘fizzy’.

ON TOUR November 29 and December 17

Fizzy Finn Finds His Feet will tour to primary schools and other small venues between.

(ideally within a day return journey from York but further distances may be negotiable)

We will provide you with a free teacher’s pack of suggested activities and discussion points linking the show to KS1&2 curriculum.

Length: 45 mins

Cost: £3.00 per child (including VAT) with a minimum booking fee of £300 (+VAT).

Performances can be arranged in your school or a local hall

BOOK HERE for a visit from the curious cobbler and her amazing shoe shop