Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries William Shakespeare wrote 37 plays with a staggering 1,191 individual characters: 147 women and 1,044 men. This is one story about six of those women, from different parts of the world, and even different times. Shakespeare, little did he know, that centuries later, his characters will come together, off the page once more. But this time just for dinner. Although it is never just dinner, is it?   

“an honest description of the true complexity that lies behind female relationships. In a meeting of six different characters from Shakespeare, they stirred all the emotions like ingredients in a pot in a magical atmosphere…..”

Feast premiered at The International Shakespeare Festival in Gdansk, Poland (2017), and has since been seen at the Voila! European Theatre Festival, and most recently at the Romanian Cultural Centre, London. It has also been translated into Polish.

Feast is the first play by Olivia Negrean, a Romanian actress and theatre practitioner, based in London. 

This production is part of the York International Shakespeare Festival

Performance Details
Friargate Theatre, York
11 May 2pm // 5pm
12 May 5pm
Tickets £10/£8
Call 01904 613000 or Book Online

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