Easter Resources

We have three excellent resources available for Churches this Easter. New for 2019 is Add Drama to Easter, a collection of sketches exploring the Easter story.  Crosslight is a filmed version of our play. Finally, we have The People’s Passion– is an instant DIY passion play.

Add Drama to Easter

Here are ten sketches from Riding Lights which spotlight significant personal encounters within the world-turned-upside-down story of Easter… encounters with Jesus that were life-changing. These sketches have different styles and energy – they are moving, punchy, sometimes humorous and give a few unexpected perspectives on the familiar gospel events…

A tax-collector dishes out generous rebates, the owner of the Palm Sunday donkey feels somehow complicit in Jesus’s death, Barabbas watches a man die on a cross that was made for him, a thief finds the doors to Paradise unlocked, a private investigator is challenged to locate a missing corpse, daffodils discuss the likelihood of life after death..

The Resources are available now: Get your copy of Add Drama To Easter here.

Crosslight on Film

The disciple chosen to lead, is in pieces. Caught in the crosslight of the flickering candles at the last supper, the torches of Gethsemane, the firelight in the courtyard, by the searching gaze of his Lord, Simon ‘the rock’ is shattered.

Filmed in York this is a wonderful opportunity for all kinds of groups, especially smaller ones who couldn’t afford the live performance, to enjoy Crosslight and, if they wish, its setting in the context of reflective worship. The DVD costs £15 for home use and you can screen the film at your church or as an outreach event by buying a special licence.

The film of Crosslight is now available to download from the shop. There is also a DVD version available.

The People’s Passion

Gather your community and create an instant passion play.

From the roaring crowd at the entry into Jerusalem to the moving drama of the crucifixion, a chorus of voices tell the Easter story. There’s a part of everyone to play and no rehearsal needed.

A powerful piece of theatre and worship, The People’s Passion brings a whole congregation together to witness the events of Jesus’ last week. There is a part for everyone and no rehearsal needed. There are parts for groups and parts for individuals, music and moments of reflection. Riding Lights provides the script, you provide the cast.

The Resources are available now: Get your copy of The People’s Passion here.