Diary of today…

9:00 People arrive from Manchester, Rugby, London and Shropshire or have simply had to fight through snow drifts from the villages around York.
12:00 Crew call and set is prepared for the shoot
1:55 An introduction from Luke Walton (Exec producer for Bible Society) and Paul Burbridge (Director) on the background to the work and how and why we are looking at ‘affirmation’ (it comes out of a verse in the Bible: Luke 3 v21-22)
2:30 Cameras finally roll
7:15 and we break for dinner.
So as you might imagine today is about detail and numbers. There is a good deal of time setting lights and clarifying moves, but also making sure we can find food when energy flags and discovering that we may have already eaten the entire supply of chocolate for the shoot. The pace is picking up and the vision is all coming together, only 163 hours to go…