Baked Alaska

written by Paul Burbridge and Jonathan Bidgood

An island in the South Pacific has a problem. It’s hollow.
Anxiety levels are rising in a North American boardroom. Eve’s garden is bursting with next door’s rubbish. Even the ducks have relocated… they’re in Bangladesh.

From the four corners of the earth come colourful, inter-connecting stories of humanity living with the wild, unpredictable effects of climate change.

Watch the Films

After a successful national tour, Baked Alaska has been adapted for film and is available for FREE download.

Seven episodes draw together themes from the show to highlight the breadth of the issues that arise from climate change. Accompanying resources have been developed for schools and small group discussion and can be found with each film.

You can find and download the full set of films on our vimeo page.

Get the Resources

Working with RE Today and Rev Jim Roberts we have created a series of activities and questions to accompany each film.

To view each film alongside its relevant resources click on the buttons below….



Riding Lights would like to thank everyone who made filming Baked Alaska possible. As well as our original partners for the theatre production, special thank go to the Newman Charitable Trust and the Westhill Foundation.