Baked Alaska

written by Paul Burbridge and Jonathan Bidgood


Time To Change The Temperature

“a robust and delicious satire on climate change”
(Church Times)

baked-alaska_poster-FinalAn island in the South Pacific has a problem. It’s hollow.
Anxiety levels are rising in a North American boardroom. Eve’s garden is bursting with next door’s rubbish. Even the ducks have relocated… they’re in Bangladesh.

From the four corners of the earth come colourful, inter-connecting stories of humanity living with the wild, unpredictable effects of climate change.

Scientists, farmers, oil magnates, climate warriors, prophets, mothers, journalists and others just like you and me – we’re all in the mix and hungry for a recipe of hope. In the struggle over power, some sound the warming bell, some blow hot and cold, while others make a pudding of the planet.

Vivid, sharp and deliciously entertaining, BAKED ALASKA serves up the realities of climate change with flair and clarity about the temperatures involved.

In the high-energy, ‘seriously funny’ style for which Riding Lights is well known, BAKED ALASKA is something we can all look forward to… unless we do something about it.

Extra-ordinary theatre for these extraordinary times.

Touring from September 16th until November 28th 2015
Box Office: 01904 613000 or online


Baked Alaska has been commissioned by the Diocese of Lichfield, Christian Aid and Operation Noah, the show is presented by a solidarity of christian organisations committed to raising a compassionate voice in the call to worldwide action.

Tickets and Tour Dates

Tickets are £12 or £9 for concessions. (*except where noted below)
There is a group rate for groups of 8 or more young people (under 18s) of £7.50 per person.

Please note there is a £1.50 per transaction charge if booking online. There is no transaction charge if booking by phone or in person through the Riding Lights Box Office. If you would like your tickets posted to you then there is a 50p charge to cover postage costs.

Tour Map

No shows booked at the moment.

  • Paul Collins

    What a shame it’s not on in Bristol – Green Capital of Europe 2015…Any chance of an appearance?

    • Hi Paul,

      We are at Zion United Church in Frampton Cotterell on the 15th October. It’s just north of Bristol, and certainly within travelling distance.

      Apologies that we’re not any closer but arranging tours is always a tricky business, we can only go where churches or communities invite us to perform. (There are sometimes limitations on the space we need and available dates when we’re in that part of the country too). I’m also not aware that we’ve had any churches closer to the centre of Bristol interested in booking the show.

      • sila Collins-Walden

        What about the Scottish Highlands?

        • Hi Sila, unfortunately we’ve not quite made it up to the Highlands with this one.

          The closest we’re going is Cults Parish Church Aberdeen on the 21 November (we’ve not got the Scotland shows on sale yet as we’re waiting for a couple of details still.) You can see the ones which are planned here:

        • Clive Brown

          Hi Sila. On Tue Nov 17 it will be on in Craignish Village Hall, which is 25m south of Oban on west coast of Argyll – reckon we qualify as ‘Scottish Highlands’! Hope you can get to that.

  • Geoff Daintree

    Is there going to be a show in Brighton, as suggested on the leaflet? East Sussex feels a bit left out!

    • Hi Geoff, yes we’re hoping to get a show to Brighton, though we’re still looking for a suitable venue. We’re talking to a couple of contacts that we have in the area and will update the tour details as soon as we have something confirmed.

  • Geoff Daintree

    Someone suggested Brighthelm Community/ Church Brighton. Not one I know personally, but maybe worth a look if you get stuck. Thanks for trying! Geoff

  • Geoff Stratford

    Looks a great idea. Sorry to see nothing in the whole of Lincolnshire.

    • Hi Geoff,

      Yes we do seem to struggle finding churches who can host us in Lincolnshire. We’re currently looking at extending the tour by another week or so, so would be very keen to get the show in to Lincolnshire if at all possible.

      • Geoff Stratford

        Don’t hold your bereath, but I’ll see what I can do. Are there specific requirements from your point of view? I saw your compamy perform at the Playgoers theatre in Louth a few years ago. I’ll email you separately. Geoff

        • Thanks Geoff, do drop us an email ( and I’ll send send you the details. We’ve not got anything confirmed but there actually might be a church in Lincoln interested in hosting a show in that extra week.

      • CreateLincs

        Whereabouts are you in Lincs.? We’re in Sleaford and would be interested. Do you know what’s required and costs? – Les Parker

        • I’m very sorry Les, I don’t think we managed to find a venue in Lincs. We have a potential performance in Mansfield on the 24 November however.

  • Jack

    Sad to see you’re not in Oxford! Any reason? I’m sure one of the many churches or colleges would host you?

    • Thanks Jack, I don’t think there’s a particularly reason we’re not in Oxford other than we haven’t found a church interested in hosting. We’re extending the tour by a week so there might be the possibility of an Oxford performance around the end of November. Did you have anywhere in mind in particular?

      • Jack

        St Aldates is a good central location, and a church that I’m sure would be willing to get involved If not, I go to OCC but they use a conference venue so could be expensive Third option is that I/someone else could host you in a University college, depending on what you need.

        • Jack

          I’m going to be at your performance on 18th in Coventry, so can chat then also!

  • E Knight

    How can i get publicity to give out locally? – Want some for the Church Stretton performance on Nov 3

    • Hello, yes we can certainly send you some publicity for the Church Stretton performance.

      Could you send Peter, our marketing manager, an email – – with an address to send the publicity to as well as how many posters and flyers you would like.

      Thanks very much for your help telling people about the show!

    • Jenny Wroe

      31 Days entertainment guide. I have come across this and will include it in our guide (updated end of the month) Jenny Wroe

  • Alison Robertson

    Dumfries link to buy tickets doesn’t work. Recommending people to phone the RL office as time is marching on…..

    • Thanks for spotting that Alison, we’ve just fixed the broken link for Dumfries tickets. (You’re still welcome to call the RL box office of course)

  • Emma Robertson

    Hi, friends of mine have just bought tickets for us to see the show on 24th Nov. On here it says it is at St Lawrence’s church , Mansfield and on the tickets it says Mansfield as well. However, on the tickets it also says St Lawrence’s church but gives a post code for the church in Heaner, DE75 7AH. Can I check which venue is correct so that we don’t end up in the wrong place.

    • Hello Emma, I’m very sorry about that, it looks like you ticket has the wrong postcode on it. The performance on the 24th Nov is indeed at St Lawrence’s, Mansfield and the postcode should read NG18 2PW.

      We’ll have a look into how that happened and make sure the rest of the tickets are correct. Thanks, Peter

  • Karen Ward Boyd

    Hi, is the performance suitable for children aged 8 years? Thank you.

    • Hi Karen, the show wasn’t created with younger children in mind, and there are a couple of intense moments of drama (though these pass quickly). There isn’t technically anything unsuitable for an 8 year old, but generally we’d recommend the show for 11+, Part of that is about the length as the show usually runs for just over 2 hours (with an interval) which can be fine for some young children, but far too long for others.

      If you need any more information about the content of the show do give the office a call (01904 655317) and we’re very happy to chat to you.

  • Avril

    Great night last night at Claremont Parish Church East Kilbride, very challenging……….all the flyers being sent direct to Dr Lisa Cameron at Parliament as she will not be in EK til 27th November, she is on Climate Justice business at moment ( Lisa is Shadow Climate Justice person for the SNP)……a photo of her receiving the package has been arranged……..thanks to the team last night for their presentation

  • Emma Robertson

    Just seen the show in Mansfield with my daughter and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely food for thought there.
    Well done to the cast.