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If you have any questions about our Summer Theatre School, have a look at the FAQs below, or give our office a call on 01904 655317 to talk to one of our friendly staff!

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Will I be sharing a room? Under 18’s will share rooms. If you are coming with a friend and want to be in the same room, let us know. All over 18’s are allocated their own room.

Do I have to take part in everything? You will be required to turn up to all course sessions and three workshops. Under 18’s are required to join a daily session that offers a safe space to discuss issues of interest or concern to the group. All other activities are optional though we recommend strongly that you don’t opt out of too many meals.

Do I have to have acted before? No, you just need to be willing to have a go and our course leaders will help you improve your skills with a range of exercises and lots of practice

What do I put on my CV? Anything that you think might be relevant like any acting experience, instruments you can play, special skills like juggling or walking on your hands or playing recorder through one nostril

Will I get any free time? There is free time but it’s amazing how quickly it fills up – there’s so much to do, so little time!

What do I need to bring? Apart from whatever you would normally put in a suitcase, a notebook and a pen or pencil and a towel

Do I need to be a Christian or person of faith to come along? There will be quite a number of Christians there but you will find people with many different views about faith who return because they enjoy the summer school and feel safe and welcome.

What if I get COVID? There are rooms set aside to isolate anyone with Covid. We will ask you to go home as soon as possible.